Home‐Based Services/Intensive Family‐Based Services

About These Services

The mental health home‐based service program is designed to provide intensive services to children (birth through age 21) and their families with multiple service needs who require access to an array of mental health services. The families served usually have problems with effective family functioning, timely child development, a lack of support systems and difficulty managing the focus child’s behaviors. Criteria for admission to this service are determined through CGAS (Children’s Global Assessment Scale) scores, CAFAS (Child Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale), and DSM‐V descriptions. Children must also meet diagnostic criteria for a serious emotional disturbance to qualify for services. Criteria for discharge are based on the same assessment scores and descriptions where scores are improved and emotional disturbances are successfully managed. The primary goals of this service is to promote healthy family functioning in community, school and home settings; consistent and positive support of staff towards the families they serve and to maintain children in their homes and community settings.