About This Service

The Access program is most often an individual’s first contact with NeMCMHA and is available and accessible to all individuals on a telephone or walk-in basis. Individuals who seek assistance are provided with guidance and support in describing their experiences and identifying their needs in their own terms. Access also provides assistance with linking individuals to available resources.

Individuals may call Access 24-hours a day to speak to a mental health professional. Although typically completed via telephone, an Access screen may also be completed in person. A standardized process helps connect individuals to the right services. Services and supports are matched to the individual’s need based upon clinical conditions and circumstances, and to the extent possible, personal choice. If an individual is not found to meet criteria for NeMCMHA services, they will be provided with information for alternative community programs and offered assistance with connecting to those resources.  

(If you speak a language other than English, language assistance services are available to you free of charge.)


To Request Services Call: (989) 356-2161 or (800) 968-1964 or TTY 711