Supported Independence Program (SIP) Tech

Supported Independence Program (SIP) Tech

Supported Independence Program (SIP) Tech


  • 10 Paid Holidays
  • Generous leave time package
  • Mileage Reimbursement


Provides for the direct care, intervention and support needs of multiple recipients and sites providing immediate response to potential emergency and/or crisis situations during the hours when face-to-face staff are not present in individual's homes.

Responsible for the operation and general maintenance of electronic monitoring systems ensuring that each system is working properly. Monitors incoming auditory cues for indications that immediate supportor intervention is needed and takes independent sound action to resolve.

Will respond to multiple sites in a 4 county area during varied hours/weather conditions responding to emergency as well as routine situations providing support as needed.

This position will monitor the health, safety and security of designated recipients simultaneously via electronic monitoring systems from a central location and respond to consumers' needs verbally, in person, or by arranging for the appropriate response at scheduled intervals determined by the service plan as needed or on an emergency basis.

Will provide support as needed in consumer home and/or community.


1. Must have the ability to embrace and practice the philosophies and tools of gentle teaching.

2. Must possess excellent receptive language and hearing skills and be detail oriented.

3. Demonstrates knowledge of universal precautions, standards of practice including but not limited to confidentiality and recipient rights, and emergency protocol.

4. Responds to consumers needs verbally, in person, or by arranging for the appropriate response.

5. Operates electronic monitoring systems ensuring each system works properly

6. Monitors incoming auditory clues for indication that support or intervention is needed

7. Pays special attention to needs identified in service plans and potential emergency situations through system or in person.

8. Nurtures, comforts and assures available opportunity for communication by recipients through monitoring systems.

9. Complies with documentation requirements demonstrating strong organizational skills and time management.

10. Follows emergency procedures. Must remain calm under pressure and possess ability to not overreact to situations involving challenging behaviors and crises.

11. Strong familiarity with geographic area.

12. Demonstrate basic computer knowledge, strong reading and telephone skills.

13. Provides an environment which promotes consumer choice in all areas including selection of community activities, staffing, home environment etc.

14. Strong independent judgment skills and ability to interact relate and redirect recipients as necessary.

15. Expected to perform clerical and unrelated office duties such as printing, paperwork, etc., during downtime as directed. 



  • High school diploma or GED preferred.

  •  Knowledge of intellectual/developmental disabilities preferred.  

  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written, are required.  Computer literacy is required.  

  • Ability to work independently and excercise good judgement.

  • Valid driver's license and good driving record.

  • Lived experience with mental illness and developmental disabilities, and/or substance use disorders valued.


Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $16.22/hr

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