Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Plan

Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Plan

Our Vision:

Northeast Michigan Community Mental Health will be the innovative leader in effective, sensitive mental and behavioral health services. In so doing, services will be offered within a culture of gentleness and designed to enhance each person’s potential to recover. We will continue to be an advocate for the person while educating the community in the promotion of mental and behavioral health.

Our Mission:

To provide comprehensive services and supports that enable people to live and work independently.


Our Core Values:

  • A Person-Centered focus shall be at the heart of all activities.
  • Honesty, respect and trust are values that shall be practiced by all.
  • We will be supportive and encouraging to bring out the best in one another.
  • Recognition of progress and movement toward a continuously improving environment is a responsibility for all.
  • We prefer decision-by-consensus as a decision-making model and will honor all consensus decisions.

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